Greetings from FantaSea Gems!

Journey to the serene shores of Ambergris Caye with FantaSea Gems and our handcrafted jewelry. Experience the island’s charm as you enhance your wardrobe with meticulously crafted pieces. The natural wonders of Ambergris Caye and the undeniable allure of quality jewelry merge seamlessly, creating an intimate connection to enduring beauty, beautifully enhancing your style

Materials and Methods

Small Batch

Accentuate your uniqueness with hand crafted jewelry, made in limited quantities.

Argentium Sterling

93.5% Silver.  Tarnish resistant, hypo-allergenic and a brighter white.

Bespoke Designs

As a bespoke designer, Items can be crafted tailored to your preferences. Choose gemstones, sizes, and styles.

Genuine Gemstones

All gems are real and chosen for their beautiful colors and distinctive character.  

Fresh Water Pearls

In addition to the traditional white color, pearls come in a rainbow of natural pastels and varied shapes.

Hand Crafted

All jewelry is made to the highest standard with attention to detail and imagination.

“You are never fully dressed until you put on earrings.”



Advice from my Great Grandmother Ruby.  She favored wearing pearls studs even while baking a cherry pie. Some traits do run in families. I love pearls and never forget to put my earrings on.


A family tradition has been attending the Tucson Gem Show for since 1990.  The greatest fun was choosing just the perfect jewelry pieces for gifts for my friends. From the beginning I had  a strong creative desire to work with the beautiful pearls and gems I was seeing every year in Tucson. So after purchasing some basic tools and gemstones, I went to work to see where this passion would lead me. FantaSea Gems was born in 2016.

Coleen Creeden

Jewelry Designer and Silver Smith